Information to Know: Facebook for Health Organizations

Facebook is the world’s LARGEST social networking site with over one billion users worldwide. Facebook is where people are able to publicly connect and share photos, links, and more with their family and friends. So, if you’re a social person, Facebook is the place to be “open.”

Not only is Facebook popular for someone’s personal use, it is also popular for business use. ESPECIALLY HEALTHCARE ORGANZIZATIONS!!! Referral Md says that of more than $1,500 hospitals nationwide who have an online presence, Facebook is the most popular. So that means there is a pretty good chance that while you are talking with your friends online, you’ll be able to get the opinion of a healthcare professional (Sweet, right?).


The real question is why not Facebook….

Healthcare Success supports Referral Md by saying that Facebook is becoming a primary resource for users looking for health information. People turn to social networks for health events, healthy living ideas, and to view health education videos.

It is important for all healthcare organizations to learn how to get the attention of the people, of the customer.


As a healthcare organizations, make sure your page looks like a business page, and not a personal page or Facebook group (Can’t stress that enough).

Don’t worry. With a business page, comes many rewards….

  • Facebook is Free….Well Almost

    • Facebook is free to create an account. However, it would not be good to only have an account. USE IT. As a healthcare organization, you have to brand, advertise, and keep your name out in the public eye. Healthcare organizations may have to hire someone to do that very job. That’s when the “almost” free part comes in..haha.


  • New Patients May Come

    • With the brand and advertisement, healthcare organizations may catch the eye of new patients. That is why having a good brand is important.


Facebook is becoming a new way to get donations. Non-Profit healthcare organizations could get numerous amounts of donations by simply placing a donate button on their business page. That way people are allowed to donate to their organization or charities without having to leave Facebook.


As a healthcare organization, you want to keep your audience interested and involved (Trust Me).

Lauri Tucker blog says healthcare organizations should offer incentives and rewards. Everyone loves a reward. Offer a gift card or a prize for answering questions or completing quizzes on your Facebook page.

Also, post relevant content with credible sources. Most people have heard of WebMD. As a healthcare organization, you could use them as a source. That way there is back-up to what you post.


Mayo Clinic and the American Cancer Society are both healthcare organizations that have successful Facebook pages.

Mayo Clinic uses clear messages, links, videos, and even apps to promote their organization. Mayo Clinic also presents a clear message while having a nice looking business page set-up.

When clicking on the American Cancer Society Facebook page, I guarantee the first thing you will notice is the donate button on the left hand side. The American Cancer Society also engages their audience by asking them questions.

Mayo Clinic and the American Cancer Society are BOTH rocking the Facebook world!


Facebook is free, so therefore it does not cost your healthcare organization to try it. Offer rewards, provide content with credible sources. What’s the worst that could happen? I’ll tell you the best…. new patients and donations. Woot woot!


Words of Knowledge,


Dekira Hemingway





Author: Dekira Hemingway

Twenty-three | Travel Addict | Queens University of Charlotte graduate student

1 thought on “Information to Know: Facebook for Health Organizations”

  1. Dekira,

    I was really impressed with your blog. The picture at the top immediately grabbed my attention and got me interested in what you were going to say. I also like how you made the headings bigger and a different color so they would stand out more. The links you used were all really good and enhanced the message of your blog. I would suggest to add in how an organization can use their Facebook page to drive traffic to their website and other social media accounts that they may have. Great layout and great content!


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