How to Evaluate your Healthcare Organization’s Social Media

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By now, I am pretty sure your healthcare organization figured out how to use various social media platforms. And for that very reason, you are probably feeling like the cool mom who just found out what “LOL” means. But, even with knowing how to use these social media platforms, it is essential that you learn what works and what does not work for your healthcare organization. How will you learn that information, you asked? By EVALUATING!

For example, if your child is scared of clowns, I am almost positive you wouldn’t hire a clown for their birthday party. It is important to know your healthcare organization audience, just as well as you know your child.  Learning what your audience likes and does not like is critical when it comes down to the future of your healthcare organization.

So, if you would like to learn the do’s for evaluating your healthcare organization’s social media platforms, you are in the right place…..


How are you going to start evaluating? Where are you going to start evaluating? All good questions to know, right? When it comes to evaluating your social media platforms, having a good plan is extremely important. Planning out content, knowing your healthcare organization’s goals, and using analytics tools makes it easier to find out what is working and what is not for your healthcare organization.


Now that I have mentioned analytics tools, did I mention that most are free? YES, I said FREE!!

Here are a few analytics tools that will help you determine if your healthcare organization is on the right path or not:


Now that you have an idea of how and where you are going to start evaluating, it is always a good idea to know what you should evaluate. There are four social media metrics that are important to measure when it comes to your healthcare organization’s platforms:

  1. Conversation Rate- Everyone hates when they are talking to someone, but the person is not listening. Conversation rate lets you see you who is reading and interacting with your post. It is the number of audience comments/replies per post.
  2. Amplification Rate- The measurement to see how many shares/retweets/repost you are receiving from your followers.
  3. Applause Rate- You know how the class clown makes a joke, then looks around to see if his classmates are laughing? Yeah, that is approval. Applause rate is similar. With applause rate, your health organization is keeping track of the likes, favorites, and/ or +1’s your post receive.
  4. Economic Value- It is a tab bit more complication than the conversation, amplification, and applause rate. The economic value is the sum of short and long term revenue, as well as cost savings (The good stuff, right?).


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St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital knows what works for their twitter account. St. Jude’s uses visual aids with their stories to  get the “applause” from their audience. Without visual aids, St. Jude’s applause rate was half the amount shown on the images.

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You are in control of your healthcare organization’s social media platforms, which means you are in control of which direction your healthcare organization’s social media platforms takes. Using the right social media platforms, listening to your audience, and providing messages your audience wants are all apart of a good social media evaluation.


Words of Knowledge,


Dekira Hemingway



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