Social Media, BAD for Your Health?

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“Social media is bad for you? Are you serious?” Yes, I am, and it could be! Teenagers and young adults have the highest population percentages when it comes to using various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. And guess how much they are using these social media platforms…Digital Trends reports that people using social media check their accounts more than seventeen times per day (a lot,right?).

“So what’s the problem with that?” People use the excuse it is a “mobile world” to use social media frequently throughout the day. However, on average, a social media users is not suppose to use social media for over an hour per day. Now,with the social media content available, it could be damaging to your health….


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Of course most people are probably saying “I am fine, social media is not affecting my health.” That is why I have included some information on how social media could be bad for your health:

  1. Changed behavior and addition. Kind of like when you are eating  your favorite ice cream and you can not stop eating it.Well, in this case, social media is your favorite ice cream. Using social media often becomes a habit. The more you use social media, the more you will feel the need to use it. Most habits turns into addictions. With an addition, you will be anxious to use your social media more and more every day.   
  2. Eating disorders. I am sure you are probably wondering how eating disorders are caused from social media. Well, Instagram and Twitter users often participate in monthly challenges that set limits on calorie intake and give workouts to follow, based on retweets or likes. Some of these challenges are very unhealthy  and they could often lead to users not feeling the need to eat.
  3. Comparisons.  Most people uses social media to show off their body and/or materialistic things. With that being said, everyone loves to think about what they don’t have, instead of what they do have. Having a tendency to compare yourself to your social media friends is not a good idea…and, it could cause stress (which is not good for your health).
  4. Self-esteem. Once you start comparing yourself to others, this is when self-esteem issues may come in. You may feel that your life is not as good as theirs, or you are not as attractive. Then, you may let your social media friend’s judgment (likes) of you, define you (and you should not). It will consume your mind, which will eventually cause habit on your health.
  5. Lack of sleep. Most people use their phones at night to scroll their social media accounts. Thirty minutes of scrolling turns into one hour, one hour turns into two. Before you know it, you have less than five hours before your alarm will go off. Lack of sleep can cause tiredness and irritation. Someone who has a lack of sleep are more likely yo catch colds, flu, and gastroenteritis.


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Now that you know social media could be bad for your health, I am sure you are wondering how to break your “habit,” or shall I say addition…

Time has an article that says a guy by the name of Allen boycotted his phone by pocketing it. Yes, that means no touching your phone….especially while talking to others (it’s rude). After Allen pocketed his phone for one week, he realized people liked talking to him more (that’s a bonus to breaking your habit, right?).

And if pocketing your phone won’t work, I have two tips that should help you:

  1. Make a schedule. Set times for when you would like to use your social media, then only use it at those times.
  2. Take up new hobbies. Find news things to do. With doing so, you will be distracted from using social media. Hey, you may end up loving your new hobby.


I know you are thinking about applying those tips to breaking your social media habit (addition).

Well, you should definitely apply them. Instagram star, Essena O’Neill did and she is doing great.

Image via manpeller

Essena said she felt social media was not real life, and she wanted to prove it. Without social media, she is now being productive by writing a book.


By limiting your social media usage, you could be saving yourself from addition, eating disorders, self-esteem issues, and a lack of sleep. Save your health….

Words of Knowledge,


Dekira Hemingway


Author: Dekira Hemingway

Twenty-three | Travel Addict | Queens University of Charlotte graduate student

1 thought on “Social Media, BAD for Your Health?”

  1. I really like your blog post. You used great pictures to get people’s attention. I like the list you provided in the beginning about all the bad things social media can do to you. And, it was good how in detail it was.


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