Using Social Media to Promote your Health Organization

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Now that you know how to operate various social media platforms in an ethical and healthy manner. I am here to inform you on five very important tips to use when promoting your health organization.

Receiving these tips is kind of similar to receiving the cherry to a delicious ice cream sundae. Take notes!


Many healthcare organization often confuse who their target audience is. Not saying that is necessary a bad thing, but…’s bad. In order to know which social media platforms you should use, as well as what you should say on these platforms, your healthcare organization will need to identify your target audience.

Most healthcare organizations target audience is defined mostly by geography, demographics, psychographics, and behavior. Which all are important factors when you are trying to get your healthcare organization’s message out there (make sense, right?). Think about it, you wouldn’t want to talk to a female teenager the same way you would talk to a middle-aged man. Identify YOUR target audience!!

Women’s Heart Organization does a good job with identifying their target audience.


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Image via Facebook


Women’s Heart Organization are informed that seventy-seven percent of Facebook users are women. So, they use their Facebook account to raise awareness on women’s heart health. And by simply posting their address, phone number, and website on their Facebook account, they make it clear that they’re available to women all over the world.


One of the best things your healthcare organization could do is set and achieve goals. Once you know your healthcare organization’s vision, it should be easy to set goals. And once those goals are set, your healthcare organization should have no problem achieving them.

How are you going to achieve those goals, you asked? By understanding your healthcare organization’s purpose and vision….and staying true to them. Which means you can’t say your vision is to decrease the rate of heart attacks, but provide recipes for red meats and greasy foods on your social media accounts (that’s definitely not staying true).

The Autism Society of America is doing a great job with using their Facebook account to provide information about autism, as well as to receive donations for the important cause.

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Image via Facebook


By using a donate tab, as well as posting multiple informational autism post, The Autism Society of America has made it clear that they are an organization that is about receiving donations and spreading awareness throughout the different communities.


Social media is all about communicating (which makes communication very important). As a healthcare organization, you should ask questions to your social media peers. By allowing your peers to answer questions, your peers will feel like they are important to your healthcare organization (and they should be). Feeling important and knowing that they are important will increase viewers satisfaction. And the best part of all, you’ll be increasing your social media peers education on your healthcare organization’s cause.

Suggesting an option to volunteers and conducting surveys are also other ways to invite participation into your healthcare organization. Trust me, inviting participation into your healthcare organization works!

The American Diabetes Association  uses their Facebook account to invite participation.

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Image via Facebook

By asking questions, proving information,and inviting participation to their events, the American Diabetes Association is doing everything in their power to make sure that they are in top notch shape when it comes to engaging their social media peers.


Trends…the fun stuff. And the current trend is hashtags (#). Hashtags are the easiest way to connect with hundreds of people talking about the same thing. It allows your healthcare organization to contribute to topics most talked about. And guess what….hashtags gives your healthcare organization the opportunity to have fun, all while conducting business. Your healthcare organization can use hashtags when posting, mentioning, and/or commenting (cool, right?).

If you’re smart (which I’m sure you are), you’ll start using hashtags to get your healthcare organization message out into the world.

Mayo Clinic does a great job with using hashtags on their Twitter account. Maybe that’s why they are leading some of the most innovative marketing campaigns in healthcare.


2016-04-24 09_04_00-Mayo Clinic (@MayoClinic) _ Twitter
Image via Twitter


By looking at the image above, you can see Mayo Clinic uses hashtags such as #cardiovascularhealth and #MayoClinicRadio to attract a bigger viewer audience. I guess you can say they’re having fun while doing their job!!


As a healthcare organization, it is in your best interest to get your message out into the social media world, without being annoying (yes, I said annoying). To avoid being annoying, your healthcare organization should know your posting limits by having a set number of post per day.

Just to inform you, on Pinterest, your healthcare organization should not post more than five pins per day. On Twitter, no more than three post per day. On Google+, no more than three post per day. On Facebook, no more than two post per day.

The American Kidney Fund know their posting limits.


2016-04-24 09_04_54-American Kidney Fund
Image via Facebook

When the American Kidney Funds use their Facebook account, they only post two post per day (which is great). With those two post per day, they post the information that is most important to their organization. Not only with those two post are the American Kidney Funds getting their message across, they’re getting it across without being annoying (what a bonus).


You are in control….apply the tips listed above and I promise you’ll not have any worries about whether or not your healthcare organization is successful.

Words of Knowledge,

Dekira Hemingway