The Benefits of Using Digital Media

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Everyone says,  “Digital (social) media is easy to use.” “Digital (social) media is fun.” But how many of those people are actually saying it is easy to set up a digital media account? Maybe not a lot since there is a website giving a resource guide to starting digital media accounts.

As an assignment for class, I had to create accounts for WordPress, Skype, and YouTube.  I thought creating those accounts were going to be like taking a walk in a park (mainly calm and stress-free). But boy was I wrong! It was easy to set up WordPress because I had a previous account. But Skype and YouTube were another story. The experience was anything but stress-free to set up Skype and YouTube, I actually felt slightly over-whelmed.

I started to feel over-whelmed because I started to think. If I was having problems creating those accounts, how in the world was I going to use those accounts to complete my work for my online class?  Then I thought…using digital media, such as WordPress, Skype, and YouTube in an online class is very  beneficial.


From using WordPress in previous  courses, I can truly say that WordPress is one of the best digital media sites out there. WordPress can be used for global collaboration, authentic learning, reflective blogging, and discussion. In my opinion, using blogs for an online class is not only essential for myself, but also for my classmates because WordPress is an easy way to share information and tips with peers.


Boy, boy, boy, where do I start with Skype? Skype is fun, Skype is cool. Well that’s what I’ve heard. Skype is not only free, but with Skype, a class is able to videoconference with ease. Instructor could benefit from Skype by teaching a class and students could benefit by having study sessions with their peers. I’ve never used Skype in my life, but after reading about all of the benefits of using, I am more than excited to use it.


Many of us have watched YouTube videos before. Maybe to look up a new hairstyle or a new recipe, or even to watch our favorite artist perform in our favorite video (I know I have). But I do not think many know that you can actually use YouTube for educational purposes. Students in an online course can use YouTube for different educational reasons, such as:

  1. To develop playlists that explore a specific topic.
  2. To create webinars that learners can use as a reference tool.
  3. To help learners make their own YouTube videos to improve knowledge retention.
  4. To improve comprehension rates by visually illustrating a complex concept.


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GREAT! While I was thinking, I had to remember that WordPress, Skype, and YouTube are all there for me to take advantage of in my online classes. No matter how difficult (or easy) it may have been to create the accounts, digital media will forever be beneficial to learning.


Words of Knowledge,



Author: Dekira Hemingway

Twenty-three | Travel Addict | Queens University of Charlotte graduate student

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