Inquiry Project: Digital Presentation

For my Communication Fluency course, I was able to do a cool inquiry project on how Kenneth Burke’s equipment for living applies to films. I really enjoyed writing a paper about how one of my favorite films of all time, Black or White provides equipment for living. Below is the digital presentation. Check it out.


Author: Dekira Hemingway

Twenty-three | Travel Addict | Queens University of Charlotte graduate student

1 thought on “Inquiry Project: Digital Presentation”

  1. Dekira,
    I have attempted to watch ‘Black and White’ a couple of times, and each time, I can’t seem to make it pass the first 15 minutes. Kevin Costner is an impeccable actor, so his pain in a movie is my pain. Your description of the movie’s theme that people can be family no matter their race is enticing me to attempt watching it again. One thing I thought you did well was paraphrasing each author’s study of Burke’s theory. Instead of quoting their papers verbatim (like I did), you made it accessible; even people outside of the course would be able to understand the ‘equipment for living’ concept. With that said, I do think adding examples from the movie that demonstrate its ‘equipment for living’ would help viewers comprehend even more the movie’s purpose in relation to the theory. I have found this to be a key component in digital presentations, because it’s almost in lieu of reading your paper. Or if not in lieu, than a preview for those considering reading your paper.



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