Communication Fluency Course Reflection


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Eight weeks ago, I began my first graduate course. The first week of class was very overwhelming. Thoughts filled my head,  such as “How am going handle my first graduate course and a job at the same time?” “What should I expect when it comes to graduate work?” “How is graduate work different from undergraduate work?” Luckily by the third week of class, I had all of the answers to my questions. And I was able to handle working my job while submitting my graduate assignments in time.

I really enjoyed Communication Fluency. One of my assignments in my Communication Fluency course was completing an inquiry project. The inquiry project included picking a movie, and discussing how it ties into Kenneth Burke’s equipment for living. Of course I picked one of my favorite movies, Black or White.

While conducting research on how the movie, Black or White provides equipment for living, I learned more on how to conduct my own research. Even though my project taught me a lot, my classmates projects taught me a lot as well. After reviewing all of my classmates digital presentations, I learned how to better incorporate my thesis and literature review together. I also learned how to give key points and key words for presentations.

Overall, I loved doing the digital platforms for this course. The digital platforms gave me a chance to express my personality, all while learning. The course was very helpful and it will be a memorable, enjoyable first graduate course.


Dekira Hemingway



Author: Dekira Hemingway

Twenty-three | Travel Addict | Queens University of Charlotte graduate student

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