A Community of Memory: President Obama

Image via WhiteHouse

Politics and race….oh boy! Two of the most touchiest topics. Unfortunately in 2008, I was not old enough to vote. However, I was able to witness the world changing due to the presidential election.

Communication Ethics Literacy Dialogue and Differences states a community of memory is a live engagement with the meaningfulness of a given organization, institution, or community (Arnett, R., Bell, L., & Fritz, J., 2009, p. 147). What I witness in 2008 was a lot of upset people. People were upset because of a rhetorical interruption. For decades and decades, the United States of America have always had  a Caucasian president. In 2008, Barack Obama, an African-American man was elected as president. A community of memory works as a conscience or guide, not as a dictate it responds to changing circumstances within an organization or risks becoming simply a dead tradition (Arnett, R., Bell, L., & Fritz, J., 2009, p. 146). When President Obama was elected, most people thought it was a start to a new trend….African-American presidents. I remember people saying “Obama is not my president” or using the “N” word when we referring to him, all because they were afraid of change. Racism is very much real and some people could not stand seeing an African-American man in control. It was not about his beliefs….but about the color of his skin.

A community of memory is  both a collection of the past and an engagement with the future (Arnett, R., Bell, L., & Fritz, J., 2009, p. 147). Growing up, most people were raised as their memory being an Caucasian man should always be in control. If not, their world was in jeopardy. That was their collection of the past, their engagement of future was dealing with what they would assume would be consequences from having an African-American president.


Image via Daily News

A community of memory connects us to others who contribute to that community of memory (Arnett, R., Bell, L., & Fritz, J., 2009, p. 146). Which means if one believes, all may believe. Therefore, I strongly believe that in order to migrate the interruption, persuasion and research should be conducted. People should research President Obama’s beliefs and find the good within him. Then, persuade others to do the same.

In my opinion, one day change will become a new community of memory.



Author: Dekira Hemingway

Twenty-three | Travel Addict | Queens University of Charlotte graduate student

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