My Thoughts on Human Resources

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Human Resources. According to Investopedia, human resources (HR)  is defined as a company’s department in charge of finding, screening, recruiting, and training job applicants, as well as administering employee-benefit programs. Now that we have the definition of HR, we will take a look at the history of HR, why organizations have HR, and what I believe to be the functions of the HR department.

According to the textbook, Organizational Communication Balancing Creativity and Constraint (2010), human resources approach is concerned with the total organization climate as well as how an organization can encourage employee participation and dialogue (Eisenberg, Goodall, & Trethewey, pg. 75). Psychologist Abraham Maslow believed human resources movement is when people’s basic needs for food, shelter, and belonging are satisfied before they can move towards achieving their full human potential (Eisenberg, Goodall, & Trethewey, 2010, pg. 75). Human resources is designed for the workplace to become a site where individuals can realize their full potential.

Theorist Douglas McGregor believed human resources task is to arrange things so people achieve their own goals by accomplishing those of their organization (Eisenberg, Goodall, & Trethewey, 2010, pg. 78). I agree with professor Rensis Likert’s beliefs on human resources. Likert believes that all interactions within an organization should support individual self-worth and importance (Eisenberg, Goodall, & Trethewey, pg. 78). When I apply for a job, and go for an interview, the first thing that keeps me interested in the position the organization is offering is appreciation. Even though I am the one being interviewed, I feel it is very important for a job to show their employees and potential employees that they are appreciated.


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In my opinion, the functions of a HR department are training, corporate image, and  budget control. When I first started at Verizon Wireless call center, my co-workers and I first two days of training were considered “HR” days. Members of the HR department came in and discussed our pay periods, our time off, our benefits, the dress code, and what to expect at Verizon Wireless.  In my opinion, HR definitely is the heart of any company. Without a HR department, I honestly feel a company would not survive.

Overall, HR departments have been around for decades and decades. Overtime, HR departments have improved tremendously. One motto members of a HR department should always remember is “Happy employees are also productive employees.” Great leadership starts at the top of an organization. In your opinion, what is the most important function of a HR department?



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Author: Dekira Hemingway

Twenty-three | Travel Addict | Queens University of Charlotte graduate student

1 thought on “My Thoughts on Human Resources”

  1. Dekira:
    I found it very interesting your post and the responsibilities of HR you mention, particularly corporate image and budget control which I have related with other departments (in my mind, not that I have the experience). When you mention that HR is essential I think it is because the cohesiveness the department represents, even if the department doesn’t exist, the importance of the functions need to be fulfilled by somebody able to keep everybody’s best interests in mind. I suppose that the hierarchy of functions varies according to every company, but in my opinion, the final goal of finding balance is the most important aspect.


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