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I started  a business as a creativity consultant (great news, right?). The first question that comes to many minds is “What is the job description for a creativity consultant?” Well, according to Entrepreneur, a creativity consultant helps organizations develop the thinking skills necessary to be effective, competitive, and relevant to the current economy.

According to theorist, Karl Weick, organizations exist in highly complex and unpredictable  environments. The job of organizing involves making sense of the uncertainties in environments through interaction is called equivocality reduction  (Eisenberg, Goodall, & Trethewey, pg. 89). As a creativity consultant, when offering my ideas to my clients, I will apply Karl Weick’s thoughts, as well as theorist, Peter Senge’s learning organization.

According to Senge, developing a learning organization requires a major shift of mind toward a more participative and holistic notion of effective organizing (Eisenberg, Goodall, & Trethewey, pg. 88). I strongly recommend my clients apply the following three of Senge’s learning organizations features to integrate creativity and innovation into their business:

1. Systems Thinking. In systems thinking, it is claimed that for any member to succeed, all members must succeed (Eisenberg, Goodall, & Trethewey, pg. 88). Therefore,  my clients should push their employees to understand that not one employee contributes more than the other. In order for a company to succeed, each employee must under that they are equal and should work together towards the overall goal.

2. A Shared Vision. Speaking of an overall goal, shared vision is very important in organizations because a shared vision gives employees an understanding of how their own work helps build on to a company  (Eisenberg, Goodall, & Trethewey, pg. 88).

3. Team Learning. Seeing a pattern here? With systems thinking and a shared vision between employees, organizations employees are successfully able to have team learning. With team learning, employees are able to communicate in ways that will eventually lead the team toward intelligent decisions (Eisenberg, Goodall, & Trethewey, pg. 88). Which those intelligent decisions, overall improvement could come within the organization.

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The overall of any company is to make sure their employees are displaying teamwork. My clients should implement Peter Senge’s learning organizations features in their business. And as their creativity consultant, I will be with them every step of the way to make sure their organization is successful.



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