Digital Presentation: A Look into Sully

I conducted my organizational communication textual analysis project on the film, Sully. The  film displayed all five components (Environment and open systems, Interdependence, Goals, Processes and feedback, Openness, order, and contingency)  of the Systems Approach Theory while dealing with a crisis. Using content analysis to analyze the film, I was able to give a better understanding to how the film viewers were affected by the message in Sully. Below is my digital presentation for A Look into Sully:



Author: Dekira Hemingway

Twenty-three | Travel Addict | Queens University of Charlotte graduate student

2 thoughts on “Digital Presentation: A Look into Sully”

  1. Dekira,

    I love how you looked into Sully and adapted it into your own personal digital presentation for this assignment! It showed a lot of characteristics of the five components of the Systems Approach Theory. Thanks for presenting it in a very thorough and easy to understand way!



  2. Hi Dekira. I admit, I still haven’t seen the movie and have limited knowledge of the events other than what you explained and a few things I saw in mass media. However, your analysis applying systems theory really helps understand the conflicts that were in play in the aftermath of that event. I agree that organizations studying systems theory can help guide them through crisis management and be more prepared for threats coming in the future.


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